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Kuthumi lal Singh "Choices and Lightbody Integration Experience" (by Marisa Calvi)

"Choices and Lightbody Integration Experience"

By Kuthumi Lal Singh channeled by Marisa Calvi

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Kuthumi on Choices and Lightbody Integration Experience June 20, 2014 
Featuring KUTHUMI LAL SINGH, channeled by Marisa Calvi This show was originally broadcast on 
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MARISA: Hello. You are on the Awakening Zone. My name is Marisa Calvi coming to you from Sydney, Australia with a show I call “Feeling Good,” and this is where we take some time out once a month just to celebrate life in the New Energy embracing being creators and creating a life that we choose.

So thank you so much for joining me today. It is winter solstice here in Sydney, Australia, which means it’s the shortest day of the year. And so it’s kind of a nice transition day.

With that, let’s stop and just take a breath.


I’d like you all to stop and just feel that beautiful awareness and consciousness that you’re all awakening within you right now.


That beautiful commitment to your soul connection that got you to tune in today, to maybe open it up and expand it even more; to hear something else to remind you that you are God also. You are the creator of your life.

Beautiful deep breath.

In feeling Kuthumi who warned me, as I did my breathing as the opening music played, we have got a big fun show coming up.

So with that, I’m going to welcome my co-host, Joep Claessens, over in Colorado, USA. Hey Joep.

JOEP: Hey Marisa. Good to be on your show again.

MARISA: Yeah! And thank you so much for joining us. We really do appreciate having you here every second month for the Kuthumi Show. So I really, really do appreciate it. And you’ve got your longest day today, as you head into summer, so I hope it’s warmed up a bit up there for you.

JOEP: Yeah. Yeah, I guess we balance each other out perfectly. The shortest and the longest.

MARISA: Today I actually asked Kuthumi to talk a bit about choices. And I know a couple of months ago I had Norma Delaney on the show. We talked about aspects and integration, because I kind of felt that they’ve become a little bit of like buzz words and platitudes. And by that I mean sometimes we have spiritual concepts and we throw the terms around so much or start to use them so much. We forget the actual base energy of why we even started using that term in the first place of what the actual whole concept of the words are about.

And just this last month I was doing a little quick session with a friend of mine, and Kuthumi went in to talk about choices. And it was really nice just to have that refresher to that whole awareness we have that our life is really a reflection of the choices we’re making. But not only that, it’s how we’re making the choices and where those choices are coming from.

And I could already feel Kuthumi starting to come through me talking about it now. So I thought I’d really love for us all to have some time to just have a really good refresh on what is choice. Why do we make choices? What are choices in the New Energy?

I also know too, and there’s already been a question in the chatroom, we are going to talk about lightbody integration, because it is just on everyone’s – I’m not going to say mind. It’s in everyone’s energy at the moment. There’s a lot of questions. There’s a lot – there’s so much energy moving around it, that why wouldn’t we want to go and dive into that today to expand our connection with that energy even more.

So please, that’s kind of where we’re going with the discussion today. So questions, if they can relate to that. If you want to join in the conversation, please by all means, let’s have that kind of focus for today. If other stuff comes up though, of course, Joep and I aren’t going to hold you back either.

KUTHUMI: Ahh! Namaste. I think we should get started. I think we should get started, because once we get started and we get a bit of clarity on where we’re going, then it’ll all be wonderful. And, yes, we are going to talk about choices.

First and foremost, I’m going to invite everyone to take a moment to take a deep breath and feel into what they are choosing right now.


What are you choosing? Are they little human choices? Are they choices coming from your human needs?


Are they choices coming from the big picture? The you as the divine human.

See, the wonderful thing is, once you’ve got the clarity between what are your little human choices and what are your big divine human choices, choice becomes very simple.

Choice doesn’t become about pushing and wanting and hoping. Choice doesn’t become about wanting to change things in your life. Choice becomes about expansion. It becomes about integration. Choice becomes about clarity. Choice becomes about acceptance.

Breathe now with that beautiful soul connection that I know you all have. If you are listening to this show, you are so connected to your soul.

You are so connected and aware and loving of that soul connection.


So together with your soul, feel what you choose, and it becomes so simple.


It’s the choice of experience. That first choice that you made when you stepped out of All That Is to go and explore the question of “who am I?”. I choose experience. I choose experience so I can go and know everything that I can be, that I can go and dive into the joy of living as a human. I choose experience.

It is so simple. It’s so simple, because when you remind yourself that that was the first choice that you ever made – I choose experience – then you can see that everything that you are doing is perfect and amazing.

Yes, all is well in all of creation. Yes, I Am that I Am so in love with myself right here, right now, because I am living my choice. I’m living the choice of experience.

First and foremost, the utmost reminder that I want to share with you today. I choose experience. I choose this experience, and now here we go and we’ll dive into an even deeper level. I choose this experience and now right here, right now with the knowing that I am God also, that I am a creator of my reality, I choose this experience with ease and joy and grace. I choose it with clarity and self-love.


And I can hear people saying, “Please say abundance.” No. (Kuthumi chuckles) We’re not going to spoil it just yet. I choose experience, and I choose it with joy and ease and grace.

And that is the choice too, which is going to be the key to your lightbody integration, which we’ll talk about later. Let’s stay with choices right now, but I just wanted to make that little anchor point for you all, because we’ll bring it up later. So remember that.

I choose experience. The grandest choice you ever made, because that was the choice that took you into your sovereignty. That was the choice that took you into the journey of remembering that you are a Master.

I choose experience. I chose this experience now. I chose all those lifetimes of all that array of experience. All my choice. All my choice.

So, yes, it’s fun to choose a new car, but wouldn’t it be wonderful that when you choose a new car or you choose some new clothes or you choose a relationship that you go back and you breathe with that initial choice. I chose experience. I get to choose how I experience.

And what you’ll find is all of those little choices you’re making towards the end of that conversation with your choices, you suddenly don’t have to invest so much energy into wondering where they’re going to be, where they’re going to come from, what they’re going to look like. In fact, you’re not even going to be that invested in worrying about if they manifest at all, because at the heart of this, every time you come back to that beautiful ultimate choice – I choose experience – it’s going to carry that energy into every breath you take. It’s going to carry that energy into your creativity, into how you manifest your reality.

If you start from the other end, the energy doesn’t know where to go. It’s kind of like if I took you down a dark alley and I put you in the corner of the dark alley with your face there and said, “Keep walking,” you’ve got nowhere to go.

But if I take you out into a great big expansive field where there’s open air in every direction, where you’ve got beautiful solid ground under your feet and say, “Walk,” and you would say, “Where to?” And I would say, “Wherever you choose. Wherever you choose.”

Start in that grand place of your ultimate choice of experience. Not down in the dark corner of the alleyway. (Kuthumi chuckles) Let the energy flow with you from your ultimate choice. From your ultimate choice.

See, the wonderful thing too is we get very confused also about the difference between choice and decision. I like separating the words “choice” and “decision,” because decisions are kind of do I want to eat chicken or beef for dinner? (Kuthumi chuckles) That’s a decision, because it’s kind of a little sort of human thing. Do I want soda? Do I want water? Do I want an apple? Do I want a banana? They’re decisions.

But a choice is what would I like to eat now to really nurture and support my body? Very different energy. Very different energy. Decisions are very closed. They tend to be black and white, and sometimes they’re quite dualistic. Yes or no.
The choice comes from your feeling space. Choice goes back to your ultimate choice – I choose experience and I get to choose how I have the experience. So, my dear body, what would you like to have today that will reflect that ultimate choice to have a wonderful joyous experience here on Earth in this lifetime, in this body?

And sometimes the answers might surprise you. Sometimes it might be chocolate covered licorice. (Kuthumi chuckles) Sometimes it could be let’s have lots of vegetables. The ultimate choice, and let that energy flow through you. Like standing in an open field with every potential and every possibility waiting to come to you. Every choice you’re making in your life now.

And I’m not saying that it’s wrong to say, “I choose a new car. I choose a new home. I choose to travel.” All those things which are amazing parts of diving into the human experience. It’s okay to have those little human choices. They’re part of what gets you involved in life. They’re part of what takes you into experience. But remember the difference between choice and decision.

And the wonderful thing is the more you stay in the energy of choice and that beautiful feeling space, the less decisions you have to make, because they’re already being sorted out for you way before you even get to that point of do I want the apple or the banana. You’ll just know.

Adamus said last week, enlightenment isn’t this wealth of knowledge that you have to have gathered and can collate it and store it within you. It’s that knowing in the moment, that absolute knowing in the moment, that absolute trust in that knowing in the moment. “Yes! This is what will support me right now. Yes, that is the car I want, because that is going to bring even more joy and magic into my life.” Ahh!

So much less mental agony. And your mind will so appreciate getting some respite, because then it will be free to actually work with you when you make your choices.

See, the thing is, you don’t have to push your mind completely out of the way when you go into the feeling and choice state, because your mind is wonderful. Your mind will help you go on the Internet to search for things. Your mind will help you remember how to drive the car to go and buy the things you want to buy. But it all comes into that wonderful harmony, that wonderful Body of Consciousness.

But breathe with me once more. Let’s go back to that ultimate choice. That ultimate choice I choose experience. I choose to dive into experience, to know all of that, All That I Am.

And the wonderful energy that will bring into your life, that will come into the way you keep creating your life, the choices and decision that get made along the way, the dynamics of them all completely change. Completely.

And I know there are so many of you listening now that say, “I know this! I’ve been doing it! I’m seeing it happen ! I’m feeling it!” Yes. That’s it. That is it. Exactly. Now is the time to say, “I want more.”

You see, when I do these things and take you back into ideas, concepts, hmmm – you can use the word practices – it’s not because you’ve forgotten. It’s not because you’re doing it wrong and you need to be reminded how to do it right. It’s just a wonderful little refresher so you get a fresh connection. So that you expand the connection you already have. So you can dive in deeper. It’s the spiral.

I Am that I Am right here, right now, so in love with myself, and every day that I wake up and remember that, every breath that I take that says that to myself once again invites more. It invites more of me. More knowing, more loving. And every time I say, “Yes, I am worthy for more.” Every time I say, “Yes, I can take on more; I am strong enough; I am brave enough; I am wise enough,” oh gosh. The potentials that come rushing in to have even more experience with you.

I choose experience. The ultimate choice. I choose to go into this fabulous dimension of being human. The ultimate choice. Ahh!

A few more breaths with that. A few more breaths with that.

And I thank you all so much for choosing to be with me today, to listen and hear those wonderful words that ahhh!

Thank you so much.

My dear Master Joep, who wondrously holds energy so much for us, shall we dive into some question.

JOEP: Sure. Questions. Questions.
And there’s a caller area code 727. You’re on the air now.

CARLA : Thank you. Hi Kuthumi.

KUTHUMI: Hello. What’s your name?

CARLA: Carla.



KUTHUMI: Yes, what’s your question? What would you like to talk about?

CARLA: I would like to talk about some dreams that I’ve been having lately.
And it’s of the – we’re being a little bit base here talking about it on the radio. It seems like dreams that are very real and they’re of the – having sexual experiences. (Kuthumi chuckles)

So it just seems so real that when I wake up from this dream, it feels like an out of body experience. It doesn’t really feel like a dream, dream, but more real than anything.

KUTHUMI: No, no. Dreams are like that for many of you at the moment, because they are – dream state – it’s really just another dimension to go and place into. All right. So a lot of people when they wake up don’t remember the dreams, because they kind of – it’s so off in another dimension that it doesn’t even relate to where you are now.

But at the moment here, the other energy that’s playing out too, which you’re playing with rather well is it’s kind of become a dimension where you can, ooh, how will I put this? It’s kind of become a dimension for you too to get rid of some excess energies. So if you – there’s a lot of mental energy and sexual energy that you’re not necessarily getting to use or express in this human waking dimension. So you’re simply clearing it out at night time, and that’s why it feel so real. You’ve got a pretty strong bridge at the moment between the two.

So here’s the wonderful thing. It’s kind of like, well, at night time I get to go and do the things which my human reality at the moment isn’t quite letting me do.
So, yeah, so don’t be worried about it. Just go, “Well, you know, okay. Fine.” You know, you really want to look at it in the moment. The perspective I would invite you to take is I’m clearing out excess energy.

And the reason that you’re remembering it when you wake up as well is it’s kind of so you really have that awareness that that’s what you’re doing. So it’s kind of like- don’t be worried about or embarrassed about what is actually in the dreams or how weird they are, because, as you know, dreams don’t always directly reflect what is that excess energy you’re going to clear. It’ll just do it in whatever way it can to let go of the energy.

So what I’d be doing in the morning is instead of waking up and going, “Gee, that was weird” and “Why was it so sexual again?” is just breathe with it and go, “Oh, well that was interesting.” And just breathe with it because what that’s going to do is just sit there and breathe and just sort of reflect on what went on. It’s not about analyzing it. Just breathe with it. Almost like if you were watching a movie and you were being entertained. That’s the way I would do it. Breathe and just go, “Okay, so I saw that and I did that and that was kind of nice, and maybe I might want to try that here in reality.” But it’s like just breathe with it and go, “Okay.” Because when you breathe with it, what that’s going to do is it’s going to just let go of that last little bit of energy to clear it. It’s kind of like when you sweep the floor, if you left the pile of dust in the middle of the room, all right. So that breathing with it and just being entertained by it in the morning is getting the dust pan and sweeping up that dust so you can throw it out. Okay.

CARLA: Yes. That was very helpful. Thank you very much.

KUTHUMI: That’s okay. That’s my pleasure. Have fun with it.

CARLA: Okay. (they chuckle) Thank you.

KUTHUMI: And really too, it’s you’ve really got to – I really want to acknowledge that you’ve created a very fun and safe way to clear that energy, because a lot of people would do it within their actual reality and it wouldn’t happen in a safe or in a way that energy can just flow easily, because people would be doing it by getting sick or creating some disturbance in their energy flow.

So clearing out this energy in your dreams is – I really have to commend you on your creativity. Well done.

CARLA: Thank you, Kuthumi. Thank you.

KUTHUMI: Thank you.

Yes, dreams are so much fun. They are so much fun, because you’re off playing in other dimensions, and that’s why its storylines can be so crazy, and also you kind of get little bleed-throughs from other experiences and other lifetimes, which are kind of fun. And that’s when dreams get really confusing. And if you would love a wonderful way to understand that more is the Oversoul Seven books by Jane Roberts. She does this fantastic thing where she kind of explains the bleed-throughs in dreams and how we do use our dream state to sometimes wake up remembrances or clear out energies, and sometimes those things bleed over into each other, which can be a lot of fun to the oversoul but not necessarily to the one having the experience. So that’s another fun way to look at it. But thank you.

Do you have any other questions about choices, Joep? Has anyone else asked questions about that or are we feeling complete and ready to move on to lightbody?

JOEP: Yeah, they’re not actually questions about choices. There is one question that sort of ties in with the dream question that we’d like to throw in there before we move on.

KUTHUMI: Absolutely.

JOEP: And it’s a question from P.

QUESTION: Hi Kuthumi. Could you please comment on the ‘safe space’? A few Shouds ago it was said that we are safe only in ourselves … and the concept of ‘safe space’ seemed not to apply anymore ... Can you give me some clarity? Thank you and love! P.

JOEP: And he wasn’t sure if that was meant ironic or not.

KUTHUMI: The safe space doesn’t apply anymore? I actually don’t recall that being said. Joep, can I ask you for some clarification? Do you recall that being said as such?

JOEP: No. I can’t recall it either. But then my memory …

KUTHUMI: Let me go into the energy of safe space. I’m not going to confirm or deny what you felt was actually said to you in the Shoud, because I think that might be a little bit of your interpretation. But I’m going to talk about my energy of safe space and what I believe it means in the New Energy as it is now and where consciousness is now.

Safe space was a wonderful phrase which was stated many years, and it was that beautiful concept that we’re always okay. Because for so long in the Old Energy there was always that threat that we were vulnerable, that we were open to psychic attack, that people could affect us, that, you know, our – even our base energy, our soul, was not safe here in this experience. This is an energy that goes back eons of time. It goes back to – oh, I’m going to hate to say the words, but Atlantis, okay, where everything was so violated, where we weren’t safe because we opened up our energies so much to allow them to be manipulated. Because that’s what we thought what safe was – being able to be manipulated into a conformity, to be able to be manipulated into a base energy that we all locked into so that our experience was uniform.

It’s taken a long time to get back to the space where we know that experience is not uniform. I choose experience. There is no contract or concept or agreement on how that experience is. I’m free to go and have my experience. And for so long we were taught that, well, that choosing that experience can lead to death and torture and segregation and rejection. And we’ve always been so scared of those things.

And then the new consciousness awoke. I am God also. I choose experience. I can let go of duality. And the minute you say, “I can let go of duality; I can step outside of mass consciousness,” you are safe. You are safe. Nothing can affect your energy, because the minute you accept that you are God also and that you create your experience and you create your reality, well then you create letting someone affect you. You create the ability to being manipulated. You create the ability to be abused.

I am God also. I create every moment of my life. I am safe because I choose safe. I don’t need to go and put a white light around me to deflect the energies of others, because when I stand in my majesty and my sovereignty, no one can affect me unless I so choose.

But why would you choose that when you’re a Master knowing you’re God also. I Am that I Am right here, right now so in love with myself. No one wants to mess with that. (Kuthumi chuckles)

But it’s a lot of fun playing victim, and it’s served us well over eons of time. But I know you’re all done being victims. You’re not puppets of destiny and fate. You’re not here for the whim of another. I Am that I Am. I am God also, and that is the safe space. I take responsibility for every moment of my life, and if I do that with that knowing that I am God also, then nothing can affect my experience other than what I ultimately choose. Thank you.

JOEP: Thanks Kuthumi. That was pretty clear, I’d say.

KUTHUMI: Yeah. It gets very tempting to want to make these things more complex. But, you know, every time you come back to I am God also, I choose experience, once you get back into that simplicity, it frees up a lot of energy to just actually have experience, rather than trying to understand what experience is.

If there’s one thing I would love you all to remember today is take it back to the simplicity. If you’re getting confused about a concept or a process or, you know, anything that any of us tell you, just come back to I am God also. I choose experience. And if you can truly breathe with that, the questions will fall away.
But having said that, let’s keep going with some more questions.

JOEP: Well, for some reason there aren’t that many today. So I think this would be a good point to move into the lightbody discussion.

KUTHUMI: Fantastic.

JOEP: So if you would start that up.

KUTHUMI: Excellent. I think we’re all – we are. I don’t think we’re really in a question space today. We’re in an experience state, which is wonderful.

I’ve actually been talking a bit more than I usually do, which is kind of a good thing, because with that, you know, we don’t have to have filled in with questions. And I think that’s where we’re at now, especially with the interest in our lightbody integration. We know it’s not about questions anymore. Lightbody integration is about the experience.

We’re coming back to that again, aren’t we? I choose experience. And we all know that I can’t really answer too many questions about lightbody integration, because there are no questions to ask because there are no answers.

This is about experience. It’s the same way that just saying you are God also is inviting you to experience your soul connection.

So let’s do some things right now. We’re going to do a few little, I’m going to call them, exercises. Let us call them experiences. I love that Adamus calls them merabhs. I don’t know if I’ll have to borrow his words, but we’re going to have an experience. We’re going to have an experience with our bodies that will invite more of the lightbody integration in.

I did this experience a week or two ago with someone, and I have to thank them for being brave enough to be my guinea pig. But let’s go deep into our bodies.

When we first invited you to breathe with I am God also, we said go into your breath. Your breath takes you into your body. It grounds you. But more than that, it takes you into those beautiful inner energies, those inner energies of wisdom, all the experiences you’ve had, all the remembrances just waiting to be woken up. Feeling that gentle rhythm in and out. The rhythm of I Am.

I breathe and I Am. I breathe and I love myself. I breathe and know there is so much more to me than the simple human.

You’ve all been so adept and in tune with that beautiful energetic soul connection, with that beautiful ethereal knowledge, that beautiful limitless understanding that is now embrace the acceptance of all that you are. You’re still working on the trust. That’s okay. It’s a lot of programming to overcome. (Kuthumi chuckles)

But breathing in and knowing that you are so much more. So much more.

And all this talk of the lightbody and integrating the lightbody. I’m so excited for you all because this is now the big time. This is like coming out of dress rehearsal and stepping out onto the stage. I am so ready now to just embrace this experience of life here on Earth in this physical body.

I opened up my awareness. I know who I am, but for so long this physical body has been holding me back.

And it’s been holding me back by design because you wanted it to. It’s been holding you back because you didn’t have the space to even get there with understanding what it was for you.

You put so much time and energy into your beautiful soul connection, into really embracing the energies of your limitless creativity, and now you’re ready to take it up a notch. Now we’re ready to really redefine our relationship with our bodies.

You’ve redefined the relationship with soul. No one before you has lived their life with this soul connection the way you all have. Now it’s time to do it with your body. You’re going to do it even better than me or Adamus. That’s a big call, because I’m going to have to go explain to him why I would even say that. But you are. You’re going to do it because you’re going to do it while you’re staying here in this reality.

Yeah, Adamus and I did that too, but we flitted in and out. And I’m going to be quite honest and say you guys are going to do it much better than I ever did. Kind of tempts me to come back a little bit, but I’m not going to.

It’s time to reestablish a new relationship with your body. So first of all, I want you to look at – and this is going to take some time. It’s not going to happen right here in the few minutes we have on this radio show, but really take the next, let’s say, week of your time. It could take longer for some of you. Really look at the beliefs you have around your body.

And once you start looking at them, you’re going to find it quite incredible just how many there are. When you look at the medical beliefs, the aging beliefs, the reproductive beliefs, the digestive beliefs, the respiratory beliefs. It goes deeper and deeper, layer and layer upon layer.

You’ve been peeling away the layers of your spiritual beliefs, your mental beliefs, your soul beliefs. And I can feel you all getting mental, and I don’t want you to be beating yourself up about how many there are, because they’re going to pop up. And it’s just about saying -thank you. That’s there. That is something that has been serving me.

You don’t need to make a list and it’s not about clearing them out. Just be aware of the ones that are there, because when you’re aware of a belief, then you change that reality. Your beliefs create your reality, and your beliefs will create realities to confirm themselves.

So being aware of a belief is not a mental process. It’s simply the awareness to say, “Here’s a potential for reality to reflect back to me.”

But you know what? I’m adding ultimate choice. I choose experience. And not only that, I get to choose how I have that experience. Yes.

So thank you, belief, you have served me well. You have served my parents and their parents and their parents and their parents, because a lot of those beliefs have been encoded – the physical beliefs. And now it invites you to come with me while we go deep into your body.

Let’s have some fun today working on clearing out those ancestral beliefs, whether you want to call it karma or a scientific name of DNA. Let’s breathe and go deep into our bodies … feeling the rhythm of your breath.


The pulsing of your veins and arteries …


Feeling the millions upon millions of cells that are all interacting together to create this physical form that you have, to be here to connect with the 3D reality.


And then going into each cell. Each cell a little universe of its own, with all its other little components and with its mitochondrion and all the other things that Marisa’s scientific background is not letting her remember right now. (Kuthumi chuckles) If you’ve never studied biology, go and – you’ve got that wonderful thing called the Internet. Go and look up what is within a cell. You will be amazed. It’s this whole little universe interacting with itself for its own purpose, for its own existence, and yet millions upon millions of them exist within your body in coordination with each other to create this physical body that walks around and interacts with reality. It’ll blow your mind. (Kuthumi chuckles)

So picture it now. Millions upon millions of little tiny universes as complex and amazing as the universe around you all interacting with one another. And at the heart of each cell, this fabulous spiral of DNA. Little twisted ladder carrying so much information.

And that’s what I want you to remember. This is key to this little transformation. It is just information. It is like a library full of books. One book that says what color your eyes will be. Another book what color your hair. Another book what your height. Another book the shape of your liver.

Information upon information. This book setting out what diseases you might be open to. Books that carry the patterns of your ancestors.

So now imagine that you can walk through this library climbing this ladder, books all lined up with all their information ready to design your body, and you can open a book and say, “I don’t need this one anymore,” and take it away.

The books that contain all the information from your ancestors- no longer necessary. The books that tie you into the beliefs of modern medicine. Don’t need those anymore either. Maybe keep the ones that are for research to find new things. (Kuthumi chuckles)
But imagine that deep within you. These little tiny libraries, millions upon millions of them, and we can take a breath and say, “I’m done with these books. I can clear them out, and remaining within me is what I choose. What I choose and how I choose to support my ultimate choice. I choose experience.”

What a wonderful connection with your body to know that you choose the information it will reflect to the outside world. That you are not a puppet of your DNA.

DNA is heavily tied into the Old Energy concept of destiny and fate. Scientists believe it and have carried that belief out to the world. Here is your genetic makeup. Here is what decides who you are and how you are. No. The only thing that gets to choose that is your soul connection. The only thing that gets to choose who you are and how you are is your awareness and the embracing of I am God also.

You get to choose how your DNA expresses. You get to choose what your DNA is. It is yours. It is not a blueprint that is set in stone. DNA is dynamic and organic and free.
You choose. You choose.


Breathe with that for a little bit longer.


Deep within you, millions upon millions of little universes all coordinating together, all coordinating together to create your reality, your physical reality. How you interact with your experience.

But I remember my ultimate choice. I choose experience. And within that declaration to every cell of your body, your DNA resets.


Yeah, have fun. Go in imagine tearing the library apart or just breathe I choose experience, and I cry out to every cell in my body come and support me in my choice.


For too long I have sat back and let you tell me how you are. But now together, together we choose experience.


You are my physical manifestation of my ultimate choice. I choose experience. You are my vehicle for being here in this reality, and now together, together we reflect my ultimate choice.


It is such a wonderful relationship to reestablish … to remember together the choice, to remember together this is about experience.


And the freedom that will grant you, that will grant your body … to set it free from the beliefs of medicine and science, to set it free from the beliefs of your ancestral karma, to set it free from the beliefs that DNA is a code locked in that cannot be altered.

The same way you gave your spirit so much freedom when you said I am God also. I’m not tied into mass consciousness. I am not tied into the beliefs of my predecessors or those to come. I am free to create the life I choose, and my darling body, you are free to be part of that. You are as free as my spirit. You are free to transform. You are free to need rest. You are free to choose the foods that will support you.

That, my dears, is how we bring in our lightbody. It’s through granting this physical body freedom.

You integrated your soul connection by giving your spirit freedom. Integrate your lightbody by giving your physical body freedom on every level.

And it’s not about getting too mental. I know I’ve taken you into a few processes and concepts and gotten you to picture things. But at the heart of this, I’ve taken you into the experience of knowing I am God also. I choose experience.

And every time you breathe that and connect with your body, all the wonderful things that will invite in the freedom to set it free from beliefs, from some little code that’s set up by some chemicals in a certain order.

Think about that. We talked about it like a library, but just think about that. DNA is just a little system of proteins and chemicals that are in a certain order. Now, isn’t that fascinating that a few little molecules, even some atoms, in a particular order and a particular connection to each other somehow decides how your body looks, how it will age, whether it’s even male or female. And that is beyond you as a God to direct and to call into experience?


I am God also. Every molecule, every atom, every subatomic particle that is within my reality is part of my creativity being reflected back to me.

So I call out now to those within my body. I give you the freedom to come and enjoy the joy of experience. I set my soul free. I set my spirit free. Now I set every last little part of you free too.

I will not tie you down to what science says. I will not tie you down to what a doctor tells me. I am here to embrace you with so much love and so much honor for being part of my ultimate choice to choose experience. I set you free so that you can now know the joy in my spirit and my soul do.


(Kuthumi sighs deeply)

There’s been so much talk about freedom these last few months, this last year, last two years. Doesn’t time fly?
Grant that to your body now.


Honor the shifts and changes this will bring about. And the same way that I spoke to that lady about her dream state, yes, sometimes things are going to be a bit weird. Sometimes energies are going to come up you don’t understand. But imagine if you just breathe with them and acknowledge them and accept them. Then that’s like getting that last little bit of dust off your floor and taking it out to the garbage.

That’s when you welcome every little bit of that freedom back in. I need rest today. I need more fruit. I am going to have that sugar. (Kuthumi chuckles) I am going to have those hot chips, even if Mercury is in retrograde (he chuckles again), because I am God also, and I declare that I am in my safe space and I know my body is part of that too. My body is no longer this adjunct to my spiritual journey, that reminds me of my faults and my flaws. It is now here as part of my ultimate choice.

I choose experience. I choose experience with freedom and grace and joy, and every last little molecule and subatomic particle of my body is free to join into that.
Ahh! A few more deep breaths. A few more deep breaths.


You’ve all done such intense work this last week. I know my dear friend Adamus did a fabulous kick-start.* My gosh, what a wonderful journey he took you upon last week, and here we are barely a week later going in deeper again. How remarkable you all are that you’re so willing to do this so quickly. One week. In one week you have done more than most have done in a century.

I commend you. And here’s the thing. Sometimes when you get on a really fast rollercoaster, the dips and the highs can seem a little bit dizzying. You can get a little bit disorientated. That’s okay, because you have your breath. You have your wisdom. You have that knowing in the moment and that trust.

Yes, and a bit woozy today, but I know exactly what to do because I have set my body free to be part of my ultimate choice. And within that absolute knowing, I will feel what is perfect to support it.

Talk to your bodies, but most of all listen. Ask it what it needs.

The wonderful thing is the more you do that, the more you won’t even have to ask. You will just know. You feel. You feel that you need rest. You feel that you need a walk. You feel that you want to do bigger exercise. You will feel if you want sweets or vegetables or fruit or something salty.

There’s so much fear and talk now about what foods are there with genetically modified foods and organic. And the kind of ironic thing is that the more you’re tuning into this and giving your body freedom and really listening to it and remembering your ultimate choice of experience and freedom and clarity and joy and all those beautiful things, you don’t have to make the decisions. You’ll just be drawn to what is completely supportive without even having to ask the question.


And also remembering most days where maybe you do have a bit of a blowout, when you do lose the connection, when you get distracted, because, hey, that’s part of our design, don’t beat yourselves up. Uh huh. So if you eat that something which doesn’t really agree with you or maybe sets off your body for a day or two, it’s not about beating yourself up. It’s about acknowledging that, well, hey, I’m actually aware that that’s what it was, and I can come back to my breath and my ultimate choice and come back to my relationship with my body, and I’m back on track and I’m back to that connection. And every time I come back to that connection and that awareness, it expands and grows deeper and more loving and more amazing.

Sometimes the little distractions and deviations, they’re actually amazing opportunities to come back bigger and grander. That’s the way I like to look at it. They’re not failings or foibles. You have to remember you are still part of here in this fabulous human design.
You designed being human with distractions and deviations, because one, well, that’s part of experience. So why beat yourself up when you chose experience. You want all of it. But it’s about inviting more and more balance and freedom.

And the more you choose that balance and freedom, the less the distractions are. The quicker you remind yourself that you actually have been distracted, and then the wonderful connection you have to come back to it. Deeper and deeper, richer and richer, more and more freedom, because I Am that I Am right here, right now, so in love with myself. I made the ultimate choice to step away from the oneness, because I chose experience.

I choose to step into my mastery and my sovereignty, and within that I can grant every tiny fiber of my being complete and absolute freedom.
I am free from beliefs and structures. I am free from the design of my ancestors. I am free from the doubts that take me away from my self-love. I am free to love myself as abundantly as I can and ever will.

I am free to know that I am not a victim of circumstance or fatal destiny. Every last molecule and atom in my body is my choosing.
And I can sing out to it every day with absolute love and say, “We chose experience. I chose experience.” Now let’s go and do it with joy and freedom.
Big deep breath. Every breath taking you deeper and deeper into that knowing, into that choice. I choose experience.


I choose experience, and every choice I make from that creates my reality. Creates my reality.


A few more breaths.


(Kuthumi sighs deeply)

We’ve created such a beautiful loving space here today. And the wonderful thing is that you’ve all allowed it. I did not create this space for you. I created this with you because this is what you all chose for today. That is why we did not have the abundance of questions, because I knew you all wanted the experience. You wanted to go into this feeling space.

We created what I like to call another little anchor point, another reminder, another place for you to say, “This is where I am, and I want to keep going.”

It was another opportunity to dive into our soul connection in a new way. To let it expand. This is the wonderful thing about integration and enlightenment – after my integration and enlightenment are not final destinations. (Kuthumi chuckles)

They are realizations. They are awareness. They are acceptance, and those things are not stagnant. They evolve and they expand as far as you want them to.

Yes, I am enlightened, and every time I say, “Yes, I am enlightened,” I grow that enlightenment. I grow my soul connection. I grow my awareness. I grow my self-love.

So, too, the integration with your lightbody. Your lightbody is integrated. If you are listening today, it is integrated, because the minute you are aware that you have a lightbody, it is there with you.

Now here’s the fun bit. Now you get to dive in deeper and deeper. That’s what we did today. Adamus began it with you last week. If this is your first experience, then I really take my hat off to you.

But all of you who tuned in today saying, “Yes, I want more of this lightbody integration,” we went in deeper. If you listen to this again, you will go in deeper. It won’t feel the same because it’s going to be in a new energy of it. Every time you tune into this lightbody integration of yours, it will grow. It’s not always going to feel the same. Some days it will feel not so intense.

This is pretty intense today because we all joined together as a group. Do it on your own, it’s going to feel different. You’re going to have different revelations. You’re going to have different awarenesses, because you’re going to be doing it with your pure sovereign energy.

It’s wonderful to join together in a group like this. It pushes the energy on a little bit quicker, because there’s so many layers to what we’re breathing with and working on, and I’m getting all your information to bring through different things as well.

So don’t get frustrated if some days it feels different. Don’t be frustrated if some weeks it doesn’t feel like anything has changed. Most of all, do not feel frustrated or it could take away from your self-love, if you would fall into what you would term illness or sickness or a disability.

Remember, to trust that the outward reflection of your reality is not always the perfect reflection of what’s going on inside. Coming back to that self-love and that ultimate choice and those things too shall pass.

When I chose my enlightenment and I loved my body so much and I knew my body was free from all the beliefs and structures that society had set upon it, I did indeed still have days of illness. I think I’ve told a few of you the story about when I was traveling in India and I ate something which didn’t agree with me so well. I spent three days on the bathroom floor of my hotel room vomiting and the other stuff as well. And at first I cried out to my soul, “Why?! What have I done wrong?” And my soul, with its absolute compassion and love said, “There is nothing wrong. Everything is perfect.”

And I came back to my self-love and I took a breath and I realized my body was doing exactly what it needed. I had been distracted and eaten something not so well. But my body knew perfectly what it was doing to expel it to come back into balance.

And while it didn’t feel so wonderful in the moment, I absolutely trusted. I absolutely trusted what it was doing, because I knew I had made the ultimate choice of experience, and as part of that, I had accepted my body and its joy and love knowing that it knew exactly what to do to be in balance with my choices.

And so I rested. I rested. I did not eat because I listened to my body. I knew I just needed lots of water to clear not so much the toxins that were in my system, but the water kept energy moving for me. It kept energy moving for my body. And every time I took that glass of water, I also knew that I was doing it with so much love for my body to honor it and respect it.

And within those three days of really trusting and loving my body, my integration with my lightbody grew even more.


To know that in every moment of every day, no matter what size my body was, no matter how it felt, it was perfect and wonderful and truly reflecting my choices.


And then if I did feel it out of balance, I could just breathe and know what to do to support it to come back into balance.

It’s a fabulous dynamic that is always changing, because you’re changing. So much like any relationship within your life, you check in every now and then. If a partner is feeling a bit distant, that’s when you put your hand out and say, “Do you need to talk?” (Kuthumi chuckles) That’s when you might go buy some flowers or give them some space. Okay.
This is an ongoing relationship, and like any relationship – I’m going to use the word maintenance, because it might need some maintenance. But it’s maintenance that some would love and honor and respect because you want to nurture and support and honor them.

So how about I invite you all this next week treat your body. Take it out on a date. Buy it some new clothes. Buy it some flowers, some yummy food that you would really love to have, but maybe your mind has been telling you, you can’t afford or you should save it for a special occasion.

Do one thing this week that absolutely treats your body the way that you would want a beautiful lover to treat you. Be that for your body. Be the ultimate beautiful lover for your body, whether it’s buying it some beautiful, oh gosh, some lotions or creams, which you’ve been told, no, you don’t need.

Hey, you know what? Those things are beautiful. They make your body smell nice. They’re a treat. They feel lovely. Use those things for a beautiful sensual experience. Not to fix you, not to take away your power, but imagine that you use these things as just a delightful sensual experience. A beautiful hot bath with some beautiful bath soaps and bubbles and some beautiful music playing and candles. Whatever you feel will be a treat.

Go and climb to the top of a mountain and watch the sun set. What do you think would be a fabulous treat for your beautiful body and these amazing senses that it has that connect you to experience?


Do something wonderfully indulgent this week, and do that in whatever way you feel you want to do.


Free of what anyone else would expect would be indulgent or sensual or wonderful. Do it with your senses. Your senses – they’re a fabulous bridge between your body and reality, and they’re also a wonderful way to really, really embrace your lightbody integration.

The same way that your breath is that wonderful bridge between your soul and you here now. The senses are that for your lightbody, and the more you use them alongside your breath and all these wonderful elements of you wrapped up into one, it’s that beautiful Body of Consciousness that we are all playing with and expanding every day.
Have a wonderful, wonderful treat this week.

A few more breaths.


We won’t take any more questions, because I want to leave you in this gorgeous space. And I’m going to actually say my farewell, because I want to leave on this note, on this beautiful joyous note.

I Am that I Am right here, right now, so in love with myself. This is as good as it gets, because I chose experience. I remember my ultimate choice when I left the oneness. I chose experience, and here I am right here, right now living and breathing it, and I get to choose how I goddamn want to do it.
Namaste. Namaste.

*This refers to a channel by Adamus Saint-Germain "Discovery 10"
by Geoffrey Hoppe, June 14th, 2014. To read or listen to this channel-

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